Why Should I Lease And Brand A Domain Name For My Business?

1 simple answer: There is only 1 .com ever made. Read that again, only 1, not 2, not 3, not 100, but 1. The .com is the most popular and the standard for doing online commerce. Many great domainers know this.

Last night I was speaking to my good friend and I told her to buy a local niche domain name. To make sure it was short, to the point, and brandable. This was after she told me 2 domain names. Then I mentioned this great domain name, it was 2 words and it had the business type and city the business is in. This is a perfect, win-win domain name for them.

Some time ago I read, that is was easier/better to buy a brand, than to build a brand, which makes perfect sense. This is a perfect example of how you can buy a great domain name and build a brand around it. People will remember this type of domain name which to me is the most valuable because of the word of mouth power it carries.

For example, I have many domain name, in different niches and in different cities. I own LongBeachSushi.com, I love this domain name because it is perfect for a sushi restaurant located in the city of Long Beach. Imagine the advertising and exposure potential with this domain name. People will remember this domain name, they will visit the website, and through word of mouth advertising will tell all their loved ones about your fabulous sushi restaurant.

My plan is to lease out this domain name, LongBeachSushi.com for at least a couple of hundred for half a year, year, or 2. We will have a formal contract between us and we can also negotiate a buyout agreement, if the client would want to buy this domain name in the near future at a set price.

For now if anyone would like to buy my domain name: LongBeachSushi.com I would sell it to them for about: $200,000. Because I know the potential this domain name has and what it can mean to a sushi restaurant in the city of Long Beach. I know with this domain name they will brand their business and create a Million dollar business.

I would also be interested in doing a partnership between using my domain name, LongBeachSushi.com and a sushi restaurant wanting to form a deal, I am open to anything. I love win-win situations between businesses.

- Call me anytime between 6 a.m. and 12 midnight at: 323.456.6110 - Fernando Spindola

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