Reviewed the NAHREP-LA 2013 Kick Off Mixer on January 31, 2013 in Los Angeles

I enjoyed myself at the NAHREP Kick Off event at Les Noces Du Figaro in the heart of downtown Los Angeles. The venue was beautiful, the hors D'oeuvres where good, and the bartenders knew how to make good drinks. This event was a great networking success, so many real estate professionals attended and everyone had a great time, dancing, talking, and enjoying the kick off festivities.

I valeted and arrived alone. I felt like a loner, lol. The gentleman that I am, I opened the door for a female Real Estate Agent who arrived at the same time as I did. I made small talk with Iris, she is an Agent in the Orange County area. We walked up the stairs and bought some raffle tickets. The layout of the event was good, but a little too crowded by the bar area. I made my way inside saw a few Agents that I knew, talked to them for a bit, bought a Rum and Coke to get the night started and left my tab open.

Met the owners of Stark Home Inspections, they were cool, met other agents and loan officers as well at this event.

I liked how I was able to talk to the big time Real Estate Agents and Brokers, even if I had to tag along, lol. I enjoyed hanging out with Jackie, Briseida (my TC), Villaescusa, Eloy, Oyoque, Wendy, Hector, Andrew and others.

The NAHREP-LA President Chantal Camarillo spoke and introduced everyone on the board. They raffled off many great gifts like: iPad, 2 tequila bottles, gift cards, tickets and other items. The winning ticket brought in over $400 in cash, which I did not win :-/ Then the music started playing and the dancing began. Now the actual party started, it was a wild but enjoyable atmosphere and scene. I guess Agents do know how to party, ha!
I felt like some agents dodged me or were too timid to approach me, but all in all, it was a great time. Even though there are Agents that feel they need to show off their money, power or think they are superior to others. My mentality is, you have not made it to the top unless you are a Millionaire if not multi-Millionaire. Always try to be and live humble, while treating people with love.

Even though there were some arguments and almost fights, I am glad there were no incidents at this event.

This event could have been better by being more organized and clean. Also, maybe create or rent a stage. We did not like waiting to order a drink, so maybe this can be streamlined.

One of the highlights of the night was probably when she told me, hey, I know you, you are the Mogul, I said yeah, why? She said, I like it, you are branding yourself. I was like yes, exactly! :-)

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